Export and internationalisation

  • Partnersearch in Denmark and Finland for a Swedish MedTech company
  • International business development for a Swedish micro Brewery
  • Partnersearch in Norway and Finland for a Swedish Design Company (lamps)
  • Strategic exportplan for the Swedish Federation of farmers
  • International Marketing and Sales ,  Food from Sweden, the Swedish Trade Council
  • International Business Advisor and Business Development, the Swedish Trade Council
  • Developing the international business in Great Britain and Germany for a Swedish Food Company, the Swedish Trade Council

Marketing and Communications

  • Internal Communications Manager, Ericsson Global HR Unit
  • Communications plattform for the Swedish Culinary nation, the Swedish Trade Council
  • Communications strategy and branding plattform for Ericsson Mobility World, Cap Gemini
  • Business concepts and trends within mobile Internet solutions for a mobile operator in Thailand, Ericsson Business Consulting
  • Business processes in CRM for a telecomoperator in Mexico City, Cap Gemini France
  • Market research and business development within telecommunciations for Botswana Telecommunication, Telia Swedtel

Education, workshops and advisory services

  • Trainer in International Sales
  • Mentor and Business Advisor
  • Different Workshop within Internationel Business Development